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personalized recipe bookS

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Keep all your favorite recipes together
with these cute recipe books

recipe book mariage gift

This is a beautiful gift for someone special or a great treat for yourself. The recipe book covers are made from 4mm thick plywood. Wood is in its natural color – texture without any dyeing process.

Customizable! We can laser engrave your text onto the
shown text area.

recipe book personalized

Personalize it and make a unique gift for your beloved or yourself! Keep all your favorite recipes together with these cute wooden covers, recipes books

Cook recipes, pastry recipes, and sweet recipes, all can be accommodated in this cookbook. Perfect gift for your mama or grandma!


How to organize your recipes in a special way 

Have you ever found yourself in the inconvenient situation that you cant find a recipe that you have written down on a random paper?


Obviously, this is quite unpleasant as this particular recipe could be given to you by a friend, an acquaintance of yours or a family member so it is difficult to find it online or in a cook book. It could also be a valuable old recipe from your great-grandparents. Fortunately, though, there is a quite practical, neat and even fashionable way with which you can organize your recipes so they can be at your disposal anytime. 


The most common option is to use a typical notebook in order to write down your recipes. But, wouldn't be preferable to have a personalized recipe book that you can choose what you want to be depicted on it? For instance, a recipe book with various ingredients depicted on the cover ( vegetables, fruit etc) would be unique, let alone have your name or even a quote of your choice on it too.


What would make it even more special is the material used for the cover. For example, a wooden cover on which designs such as them  mentioned before, can be carved and make it seem natural and rustic. In addition, the practicality of the recipe book plays an important role as well. Rings between the cover and the pages that open and close, would make the turning of the pages easier as well as removing and adding new pages more convenient.


To sum up, a recipe book made in such a way would be an ideal present for a friend, a family member or even yourself. It is suitable for those who love cooking as it would help them have all of their recipes neatly arranged in a quite extraordinary and impressive recipe book. 

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